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cacert-policy - Re: [CAcert-Policy] Brainstorming Session on Names

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Re: [CAcert-Policy] Brainstorming Session on Names

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  • From: Iang <iang AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [CAcert-Policy] Brainstorming Session on Names
  • Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 09:29:47 +0200
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Bernhard Froehlich wrote:

I would like ideas regarding CAcert policy for names, so we can actually
serve people without creating more problems than we already have, and
eventually solving some.
The only idea that occured to me: The name(s) have to be the same on the ID document.
Of course this creates new problems, like names in unusual character sets or lots of names on the document, different capitalisation and several more.

Right, so if you have two authoritive documents that have two different names on them, which do you pick?

Is it possible to have one true name?  Or two true names?  Or?

Americans like to tell the story about how, in the last century, they arrived at Ellis Island (near the Statue of Liberty) and the immigration officer would rewrite their name according to how the latter could write it. At this point the new immigrant would then potentially have two names ... both valid depending on what continent they were on.

I guess we'll have to leave the final decision to the assurer, who may accept "locally well known" variants on names.
For example one thing I always considered ok was the german "eszet" (ß) character which is represented in ID cards as SZ, since ID cards only use capital chars. But of course the name might have been czech or hungarian where "sz" is a not so uncommon combination...

It's also a systems issue. Does the system support more than one name? What happens if all assurers don't like the one name in the system?

Also, see Sebastian's grumbles about x.509.

These details are important to CAcert because the assurance process makes a statement. What is that?

(Recall what Peter W said a while back .. "never forget that Verisign does the equivalent of a D&B lookup" or words to that effect. That is, they don't check your name, they check your credit. By way of contrast :)


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