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cacert-policy - Re: [CAcert-Policy] Brainstorming Session on Names

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Re: [CAcert-Policy] Brainstorming Session on Names

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  • From: Teus Hagen <teus AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [CAcert-Policy] Brainstorming Session on Names
  • Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 12:11:02 +0200
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We are dealing with two or three problems here:
1. strings in the name which can be the same. Usually those characters are coded in some set, like the umlaut, etc. Philipp summarized some examples using his family name.
Would a by CAcert accepted table help here to solve this? If so a matching can be done by the software?
2. subnames in the names: order, middle names, short hands, etc. etc. This is difficult to solve?
Examples: A.B.C.D.E.F IamNuts-Name Married, or Teus Hagen in stead of Teunis Hagen (my birth certificate states the "passport" name and the "to be used" name (and they differ) (and I use often the name "Theus" or "teus" as a lot of people make that typo, etc.
There are two things here: the CAcert registrated name and the one which should be on the cert.
   What you want is a one person - one registration relation.
Is it possible to have a primary registered name and per name an assurance, so the assurer states that all those names have a relation to official identification document?
3. names can change and you want to keep old names there: so here is an argument to allow more as one name. Adding names to be done via an assurance/dispute?

Official identification documents differ on names. The real world will differ in names from names on identification documents.

How do governments handle this?
If N persons say that this namje X is you, you are X...
Question: Are certs used for formal identification? (certs do not have a picture of the person).


On 09/26/2007 09:03 AM, 
cacert AT
Hy Evaldo,


During the meeting, we came to the fact that currently we don't have a
policy regarding names. I think we would need one, because I know or
heard about the following situations:

- Countries that have strict matching on First Name and Last Name
- Countries that have strict matching on First Name, Middle Names, Last Name
- Countries that allow you to have 20 first names to choose from at
appropriate times
- Countries that allow people to have a single name (a first conclusion
would be that first name = last name, but it shouldnt appear twice
- Countries that have fuzzy matching on First Name (so if you abbreviate
>from "Foobarblahblahblah" to "Foozie" its okay, provided that its usual
to do so)

I have heard some more, but cant remember right now... maybe I will add
In Luxemburg we have the situation that name "Paul" (First Name OR Last
name) could also written "Pol".
Some spanish names includes lots of middle names from grandparents and
grandgrandparents and grandgrantgrantparents and so on (Ian mentioned
it, I had several assured...). If we would include ALL of them the days
get longer and longer...
I personaly write all names on the CAP-Form.

I would like ideas regarding CAcert policy for names, so we can actually
serve people without creating more problems than we already have, and
eventually solving some.
My idea is that if the name(s) could be verified over at least 2 IDs and
if there is any doubt several others to proove it that could be enough.
I didn't think copys of the IDs like thawte practices it would be a good


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