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cacert-policy - Re: [s20101107.69] Temporary Policy Relief

Subject: Policy-Discussion

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Re: [s20101107.69] Temporary Policy Relief

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  • Subject: Re: [s20101107.69] Temporary Policy Relief
  • Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 21:27:41 +0000
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From: alva roberts 
<s.o.roberts1s AT>
support AT
Subject: Temporary Policy Relief
Date: 2010-11-07 19:04:27

> I am getting ready to graduate from southeast missouri state university in
> Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.  Here on campus we have a growing number of
> students that would like to find ways to secure our emails a little more
> after we graduate.  I would like to reccomend that you unfreeze the TTP for
> a week so some of my peers and myself can get our assurance and can help get
> others assured.  We have one assurer here on campus in the IT department.
> If we just had a a couple more I know we could grow our local cacert
> community to a larger number in the are.  Right now most of us are looking
> at about a 120 mile drive in order to get one signature and then another 20
> or thierty more minutes to get another.  This would allieviate that drive
> and help our colligate community become more independant.  Please consider
> my request so that we can put the move on in our area.
> Locally in Cape Girardeau the need for secured information is growing as the
> Missouri Gaming Commission decides if the want to put a casino in our town
> we need to be looking towards more personal security implementations to
> prevent identity theft.
> Once again thank you for your consideration and I look forward to you
> decision.
> Sincerely,
> Alva
---- End forwarded message ---

I am getting ready to graduate from southeast missouri state university in
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.  Here on campus we have a growing number of
students that would like to find ways to secure our emails a little more
after we graduate.  I would like to reccomend that you unfreeze the TTP for
a week so some of my peers and myself can get our assurance and can help get
others assured.  We have one assurer here on campus in the IT department.
If we just had a a couple more I know we could grow our local cacert
community to a larger number in the are.  Right now most of us are looking
at about a 120 mile drive in order to get one signature and then another 20
or thierty more minutes to get another.  This would allieviate that drive
and help our colligate community become more independant.  Please consider
my request so that we can put the move on in our area.

Locally in Cape Girardeau the need for secured information is growing as the
Missouri Gaming Commission decides if the want to put a casino in our town
we need to be looking towards more personal security implementations to
prevent identity theft.

Once again thank you for your consideration and I look forward to you

I am getting ready to graduate from southeast missouri state university in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.  Here on campus we have a growing number of students that would like to find ways to secure our emails a little more after we graduate.  I would like to reccomend that you unfreeze the TTP for a week so some of my peers and myself can get our assurance and can help get others assured.  We have one assurer here on campus in the IT department.  If we just had a a couple more I know we could grow our local cacert community to a larger number in the are.  Right now most of us are looking at about a 120 mile drive in order to get one signature and then another 20 or thierty more minutes to get another.  This would allieviate that drive and help our colligate community become more independant.  Please consider my request so that we can put the move on in our area.
Locally in Cape Girardeau the need for secured information is growing as the Missouri Gaming Commission decides if the want to put a casino in our town we need to be looking towards more personal security implementations to prevent identity theft.
Once again thank you for your consideration and I look forward to you decision.

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