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cacert-policy - Re: improving p20100306 - minor changes

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Re: improving p20100306 - minor changes

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  • From: Ian G <iang AT>
  • To: cacert-policy AT
  • Subject: Re: improving p20100306 - minor changes
  • Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 19:38:09 +0300

Just a nother little footnote on IETF processes.

On 22/02/13 09:40 AM, Ian G wrote:
In policy group, we have addressed the Herod's problem with teamwork and a PoP that was modelled loosely after IETF experiences.  A few of the early guys were familiar with IETF's working group model, and certain things about the model were good:  rough consensus was the metric, along with open entry to all in the community.

To some extent, though, IETF was a scary model, and the IETF is tarred with the responsibility for much of what is bad in Internet security (and there's a lot to be responsible for!). Their model tended to promote cartels at war with each other.

For those who like protocol hacking for fun & profit, this amusing read came across my desktop:

I don't really know much about OAuth [0] but it is my opinion that IETF and security don't mix.


To address this,...

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