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cacert-policy - RE: CCA DRAFT

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  • Subject: RE: CCA DRAFT
  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 19:23:12 +0000
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Just a very small note: In the section 0.1, item 11, it has ""OFFER" means
the your act of making", but I believe it is more consistent with the
previous sentences if ""OFFER" means the act of making".


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On Behalf Of Eva Stöwe
Sent: 19 September 2014 21:46
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Subject: CCA DRAFT

Dear board,

I hereby want to inform you officially that the CAcert Community
Agreement (CCA) was voted to DRAFT status at 2014-07-28 by the Policy Group.

It took some time to do everything needed to finish the "drafting". As
we wanted to give the CCA about one month in DRAFT status after this
steps were done, we waited until this week until we defined the time how
long it should stay in DRAFT.

The PoP requires to announce the planned DRAFT duration together with
the drafting, so I had to wait with this mail, until now.

You can find the new version of the CCA at the website at:

It also displays the changes that were made. If you need more
information about the changes, do not hesitate to ask me or Policy Group.

What was done since the vote finished:
- the CCA document was updated to match DRAFT status
- the CCA document was reviewed and tested by the software team
- afterwards it was moved to the productive server by critical team
- there was an Arbitration case to check if the Policy Officer is
someone who may do the required (CCA 3.4) information about the change
of the CCA per mail to every member. The dispute for this case was
withdrawn by me later. However the Arbitrator of said case told me that
the Policy Officer in general would be a person who may initiate such a
- a mail-script (the one from the heartbleed mailing) for this mailing
was identified and I was informed what is needed so that it could be
used for this mailing by Benny.
- a SQL-query for this mailing was created and reviewed and tested by
software assessors
- a for this mailing was created and later reviewed and improved by
members of the Policy Group
- Policy Group decided on a DRAFT duration
- I initiated the process to get the combination of those three to the
productive server and hope that it will be finished, soon, so that all
our members get the required information.
- with this mail I inform board officially about the CCA changes and the
DRAFT duration.

Big thanks to everybody who helped to get all this done and who probably
will help further. This were a lot of people.
Benny, Alex, Ted, Dirk, Wytze, Benedikt, Martin, Felix, Marcus, Juergen,
Jason, Jonathan, Guillaume and probably some more whom I could not identify.

What has to be done:
- we have to announce the DRAFT status broadly. Beside of informing
every member, we should
-- make a blog entry
-- report about the change on the portal side
-- report about the change on the main cacert-mailing list
- it may be good to have a PR mail about this, but this has to be
decided by the according team

But all this should wait until our members will be informed, as they
should be the first to learn "officially" about the changes (after board).

If no veto from board against the changes is filed until the end of the
planned DRAFT stauts
- the CCA has to be voted to POLICY
- this would lead to another update of the document on the website

I also want to thank board and especially Policy Group for all the
support you gave me.

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Eva Stöwe
CAcert Policy Officer
CAcert Assurer - Free Certificates
eva.stoewe AT

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