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cacert-policy - Update of the 11 Policies set to POLICY by 2014-07-31

Subject: Policy-Discussion

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Update of the 11 Policies set to POLICY by 2014-07-31

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  • From: Eva Stöwe <eva.stoewe AT>
  • To: cacert-policy AT
  • Subject: Update of the 11 Policies set to POLICY by 2014-07-31
  • Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 07:52:00 +0200
  • Organization: CAcert

Dear Policy Group,

tldr: Please review the content of the 11 polcies and sub-policies that
were moved to POLICY on the testserver. The review (test) should be
about the correctness of the content - not the structure or ideas for
content changes as those may NOT be done with the move from DRAFT to
POLICY and this is the step that we are doing there.


If you have to report something you can do it here or at:

I want to inform you, that I send new versions of the 11 policies and
sub-policies that were set to POLICY status with p20140731 to the
software team, to initiate the process to place them on the website.

Naturally, I had to do some adjustments, but I hope they are within the
range that I may do as PolO based on p20100306.

It would be quite long to list them all individually, so I hope you
accept a compilation.

I had to change the header to match the requirements for POLICY status
instead of the old DRAFT status. Some headers previously were not of the
form that is required by the PoP so I changed them, accordingly.

There were also some changes to non-visible parts of the policies - for
example I often changed the format classes to match them to what
actually is used.

Also I had to remove all highlighting of changes and the removed parts
of former policies (when there were such changes).

As there was a policy decision, that policies should be in plain html, I
also had to convert xhtml versions to plain html. If there was a link to
check the validity of the xhtml I removed it.

For the CPS I removed everything that was marked to be deleted for
POLICY status. I also removed some wrong references in the header above
the start of the policy (there ware some outdated references about
license). Further I removed a lot of comments that were not visible,
including a huge amount of xkcd references. The internal links and tags
had to be changed as well to match current html.

At the end of this process I discovered that the numbering was lost, as
well (I had used some tools to help me). I tried to replace them
afterwards, but it may be that I missed something, if this is the case,
please tell me to fix it. It was an accident.

I corrected one external link, where there was a typo in the CPS.

Some links need to be changed. For example those to link to the SP as it
now will be moved to the main website, as well and the links point to
the svn. I hope to be able to do so tomorrow.

There were also whitespaces changed.

Nonetheless, as all the files were uploaded to the testserver, I ask you
to check and test them. The correct html will be checked by the software
assessors. The important part to do will be to check the content and to
compare it against known old versions and changes.

I tried to stay as much as possible with the original documents I used
for the updating. So as for example if there was a mixture of relative
and absolute links that was not changed.

As we now have a Document Officer, there is a chance to get a new layout
for all of them. But this should better be done in a coordinated session
with just those changes. (Also some of the policies need some work on
the content, dearly and may be changed because of this, soon.)

Thanks to everybody who is helping to update the policies. :)

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Eva Stöwe
CAcert Assurer
CAcert Case Manager & Arbitrator - Free Certificates
eva.stoewe AT

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