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cacert-sysadm - Re: [Visit BIT][12.12.2013] visit scheduled

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Re: [Visit BIT][12.12.2013] visit scheduled

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  • Subject: Re: [Visit BIT][12.12.2013] visit scheduled
  • Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 12:30:14 +0100

On Sun, Dec 08, 2013 at 04:07:23PM +0100, Wytze van der Raay wrote:
> A visit to BIT by Stefan Kooman (secure-u), Mendel Mobach (CAcert),
> Martin Simons (CAcert) and Wytze van der Raay (CAcert) has been
> scheduled for 12 December 2013 from 19:00 - 24:00 CET.
> The purpose of the visit is to install a new firewall and a new
> infrastructure server in a newly allocated rack at BIT, followed
> by the move of all existing servers (minus the old firewall) to
> this new rack. The internet uplink will also be moved to this
> new rack.


thanks for all the work. It seems like at least some services on Infra01 are
not reachable yet. I tried to reach svn and monitor without success. Did
something change that will require changes on the local Firewall/network
configuration on Infra01?

Previously dedicated addresses in the 172.16.2.* subnet where routed to
infra01 and have been NATed to internal 10.* addresses for the containers.
Are the 172.16.2.* addresses still routed to infra01?

Best regards

Jan Dittberner - CAcert Infrastructure Team
Software Architect, Debian Developer
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