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cacert-support - CAcert General support list

Subject: CAcert General support list

Policy for the Support List

This list is for giving support to CAcert members and non-members who have questions about, or problems with any aspect of CAcert. Though we try to avoid that condifential information is posted to this list, you'll probably see some anyway, be it because of misunderstandings or accidential actions.

If you subscribe you have to agree not to publish or otherwise disclose confidential information that you receive via this list, or find in its archives. Confidential information mainly includes things like names (real names as well as nicknames), mail or web adresses, IP adresses or other specific details that would easily allow a person or a computer to be identified.

You're explicitly allowed to publish anonymized postings or summaries of mailing list posts, as long as the original authors of the posts are not identifyable. So you're welcome to create FAQs, HowTos or other tips from the data you find here.

This should go without saying, but don't say we did not say it!

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